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Thanks for checking out the GOOD HUMAN Street Survivor program's website!

You're likely on this page because you're needing help yourself. We all know that the systems in place now don't always fix issues that you're having with housing, jobs, food and so on. This is why we are here. At this stage we are not as funded as we'd like but we've been growing! We do get a lot of clothes to help you with and friend support you often can't seem to get.


When we get these donations they are always free to you. Because we're not ran by an agency or a religious organization we are able to be a lot more flexible in how we do things. We're not a handout service, we're a dignity service first and foremost. What that means to you is we are here to support you as a friend first and with "things" as we can.

As you know it's depressing on the street and at times you can feel like you are invisible to people, the same people you used to hang out with and work with. We hope to make you feel appreciated, even in your current situation.

We're not always able to meet the needs you have, but when we can we will! Regardless, we are always a call away from talking it out, offering ideas and support in any way we're able. 

Please hang in there and know you matter to someone...

Dave Skala - Founder

"The biggest part of getting off the street is staying strong mentally. Keep your head in the game, stay sober and have a plan..."